As we continue in our 70th anniversary celebrations, three of BAA's seasoned dancers have been empowered to present a solo performance as part of the Prasaantham series over the next three months. We begin with Vazhi by Sarenniya Ramathas.

Says Sarenniya, "Vazhi is a showcase of my personal journey in dance over the past two decades. First as a student, then a performer and a teacher, my path has taken many twists and turns, ebbs and flows to bring me to this stage. Dance has always and continues to intersect and intertwine with other areas of my life in fascinating ways. As I journey through life, it is not separately but one with my journey in dance. Through this show, I hope to bring the audience alongside me as I relive it."

Sarenniya is a disciple of Guru Neewin Hershall. She will be accompanied by musicians Ampili Pillai (vocal), Shivashni Kummar (nattuvangam), Dr Ghanavenothan Retnam (flute), TV Sajith (violin) and Nelluvai Ragesh (mridangam).

Date: 6 Aug 2022 (Saturday), 8.00pm
Venue: Stamford Arts Centre Black Box
Ticket Price: $20

Save the date!

Look out also for 
Nivritti - A Journey Inward 
by Usha Anbalagan
10 Sep 2022

Aathma Arpanam
by Malini Bhaskar
9 Oct 2022

More details on these two will be revealed soon!

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