Bala Saravanan Loganathan

A highly versatile dancer who willingly takes on the challenge of any role – even portraying a woman – Bala has blossomed into a strong, intelligent, and mature dancer since Yaatra (2014). In a genre where male dancers are a rarity, Bala's love for Bharatanatyam started at a very early age. That interest spurred him to attend classes at Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society, Bhaskar's Arts Academy's teaching wing, where he was trained by the late V Rajandran. He continued honing his skills under Neewin Hershall and is now a student of Ambujah Thiru. After serving the nation, Bala returned to the dance scene in 2018 with Singai Sathir and Manohra. His depiction of the Katiyakaran in Kutrala Kuravanji (2019) was well received by the audience and was testament for his ability to bring out his individuality in the characters that he donned.

Davinya Ramathas

An eager and spirited dancer, Davinya started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 10 and completed her Diploma in Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Guru Ambujah Thiru earlier this year. She auditioned successfully to become a part of BAA’s Junior Company in 2016 and recently earned her role as a Company Dancer. Davinya shone as a performer in BAA productions including Manohra and Kutrala Kuravanji and, most recently, in its Choreography Lab series, which sparked her interest to explore creativity within movements and abhinaya. A fast learner who demonstrates a keen desire for precision, Davinya is a promising up-and-coming dancer to watch.

Miroshini Kannathasan

A dedicated and hardworking dancer, Miroshini started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 5 and completed her Diploma in Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Guru Ambujah Thiru in 2014. She shone as a performer in BAA productions including Vinayaka (2016), Shasti (2017) and Singai Sathir (2018). A conscientious learner, who demonstrates a keen desire for perfection and continues to deliver in unexpected ways, Miroshini is a precious asset to the BAA Company.

Nishalini Lakchimanathas

Nishalini started dancing at age nine. She completed her Dance Diploma (Maargam) under Mr Neewin Hershall in 2010 and since then this expressive and bold dancer has been part of numerous great productions including ManohraThirukutrala Kuravanji, Sampoorna Ramayana, Chakra and XPressions. Nishalini was also part of the Ramayana tour in New Zealand. One of the upcoming young dancers of the Academy, Nishalini continues to bring her personality into her performances here and overseas.

Priyadarshini Nagarajah

An enthusiastic and disciplined dancer, Priya’s unreserved passion shines through in all her performances. She completed her Diploma in Bharatanatyam under Guru Ambujah Thiru in 2014 and joined the teaching faculty at Nrityalaya soon after. This Company Dancer’s graceful movements and precision executions have been seen in BAA works like I, Cyclops, Sampoorna Ramayana, Chakra, Thirukutrala Kuravanji, Yaatra ll, Na Mah, Vinayaka and Brihannala. Her most recent titular role in Kutrala Kuravanji was her best performance yet and gained her many fans. Priya is already a name to watch now and promises to amaze in future productions.

Sarenniya Ramathas

An agile and flexible dancer, Sarenniya has been learning Bharatanatyam since she was 10 and is one of BAA’s shooting stars. This notably vibrant dancer successfully completed her Diploma in Bharatanatyam in 2010 under the tutelage of Guru Neewin Hershall and joined the Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society teaching faculty soon after. In all her performances as a Company Dancer in BAA’s Manohra, Thirukutrala Kuravanji, XPressions, I, Cyclops, Na Mah, Brihannala and Kutrala Kuravanji, and especially in her lead role in Vinayaka, her impeccable executions and perfect anga saushtaava are evident, making Sarenniya a joy to watch on stage.

Shruthi Nair

Currently a disciple of Guru Ambujah Thiru at Nrityalaya and a Bhaskar's Arts Company Dancer, Shruthi has been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of 5. Her unwavering passion for the Arts led her to enrol in SOTA, which equipped her with further knowledge in other genres such as Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Flamenco, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance and skills such as Contact Improvisation and Choreography. Equally accomplished in the various styles she performs, Shruthi seamlessly transitions between them, leaving audiences astounded on most occasions. She completed her Bharatanatyam Arangetram in 2019, by which time she had already garnered a strong following locally and abroad through her Bharatanatyam fusion projects. Determined to continue growing as an artiste, Shruthi continues to invest time into choreographic projects and training, and is likely to stamp her name as a creator and performer very soon.

Shubaashini Vijayamohan

Shubaashini is a budding talent of the Academy and since her Dance Diploma (Maargam) in 2010 she has participated in several of the Academy’s productions such as Poorna Chandrika, Manohra, Chakra, Sampoorna Ramayana and Xpressions. An immensely passionate dancer, Shubaashini diligently seeks perfection in her executions and delivery. She is ready to take on the challenge of any role and continuously pushes herself. Shubaashini dances with so much joy that it is almost infectious.

Tanuja Seran

A lithe and talented dancer, Tanuja started learning Bharatanatyam since age 6 and completed her Diploma in Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Guru Ambujah Thiru in 2021. A natural gem waiting to be polished, she was talent spotted for her charming and unabashed on-stage persona, and became a lively addition to Bhaskar's Arts Company. A dancer who totally immerses herself in dance, Tanuja has been part of Bhaskar's Arts productions such as Yaatra IV, Na Mah, Vinayaka, Brihanalla and Singai Sathir. Tanuja was also a part of the Ramayana tour to New Zealand and Thailand. A dancer who continues to seek perfection and looks for ways to refine her performances, Tanuja is on her way to becoming one of Bhaskar's Arts' noteworthy dancers.