Sudar - A Spark of Devotion

Sudar - A Spark of Devotion

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Borne from the sparks of Lord Shiva's third eye, Muruga is the source of devotion to many. He is also the inspiration behind this work.

What if devotion was a spark? 

That small flame which lights a fire in us when we are down;
And offers a glimpse of hope and light when we are surrounded by darkness.
The glow that grows bigger and stronger when we act with devotion;
And gently leads us to become one with the light.

All it took was devotion, a spark - Sudar.

The first project of BAA's ChoreoLab scheme, Sudar is choreographed by Company Dancer Usha Anbalagan and mentored by Senior Choreographer Ambujah Thiru. Accompanying the dancers are members from Swathi, BAA's youth orchestra, led by Guru Arasakumari Nagaradjane and mentored by all Music Gurus.

Sudar - A Spark of Devotion
5 Mar 2023 (Sun), 7pm
Gateway Theatre Black Box

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