Nivritti – A Journey Inward

Nivritti – A Journey Inward

As part of our 70th anniversary celebrations, the Prasaantham series empowered three of BAA's seasoned dancers to present a solo performance. In this second part of the series, Usha Anbalagan presents Nivritti - A Journey Inward.

When faced with the poignant question on what dance means to her, Usha Anbalagan, was initially lost for words. She began to wonder if she even knew the answer herself. After much reflection, contemplation, and directing attention inward and drawing from the experiences dance has provided her, Usha knew that mere words were not adequate to express her reply.

Nivritti is Usha’s response to that question. With dance evolving in its meaning to her over the 30 years that she has been dancing, Usha seeks to present her answer by sharing the nuggets of wisdom which were imparted to her by her Guru, Ambujah Thiru. Set in the format of a traditional margam, or repertoire, each item represents a question answered, an awareness attained, or an insight uncovered. The process of preparing for this solo performance not only helped her understand herself but also what dance means to her. Dance has taught her to go inwards and lean on the wisdom gained to guide her dance, and in extension, her life.

Usha is a disciple of Guru Ambujah Thiru. She will be accompanied by musicians Ampili Pillai (vocal), Ambujah Thiru (nattuvangam), Dr Ghanavenothan Retnam (flute), TV Sajith (violin), TK Arunkumar (veena) and Nelluvai Ragesh (mridangam).

Date: 10 Sep 2022 (Saturday), 8.00pm
Venue: Stamford Arts Centre Black Box
Ticket Price: $20

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