Marabu – The Forgotten Sentinels

Marabu – The Forgotten Sentinels

Following the spectacular debut of Marabu – The First Ripple at Kalaa Utsavam 2019, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy presents the second installation of their dance trilogy, Marabu – The Forgotten Sentinels.

Leaping forward from the 11th century, this chapter picks up in the late 18th century at the cusp of the Dutch surrender of Malacca to the British empire, capturing the fleeting moments in the lives of Indian sepoys who arrived with the English. Set against a backdrop of mundane duties, harsh punishments and quiet discontent, this contemplative production allows instances of compassion and redemption to shine through the bleak reality of colonial endeavours.

Under the artistic direction and choreography of pioneer artist Santha Bhaskar, the Bharatanatyam production features excerpts from the Sangam-era poetry compilation Purananuru, presented alongside the music composition of Rajkumar Bharathi (India).

Marabu – The Forgotten Sentinels
19 - 21 Mar 2021
Esplanade Theatre Studio

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