Bhaskareeyam 2020

Posted by on Mar 2, 2020

Bhaskareeyam 2020

The much anticipated Bhaskareeyam 2020 is here! Officially inaugurated in 2015, the annual Bhaskareeyam Festival celebrates the life of the iconic Shri KP Bhaskar, founder of Bhaskar’s Arts Academy & Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society.

This year we also launch the Prasaantham series. Named in honour of BAA’s Artistic Director Santha Bhaskar, the series is intended as a platform for upcoming artistes to grow and glow.

BAA is proud to present music and dance artistes from various genres over four delightful evenings for this festival. As per tradition, we will also be honouring four dedicated individuals who have contributed greatly and continue to strive relentlessly to ensure the Arts remain a part of the lives of the next generation.

Check out the daily programmes and don’t forget to get your tickets!

Admission: $10/day for evening performances

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