Kutrala Kuravanji

Posted by on Mar 25, 2019

Kutrala Kuravanji

KUTRALA KURAVANJI is a celebrated Tamil poem composed circa 1718 by Tirikkuda Rasappa Kavirayar. This much revered literary text is going to be brought to life by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy in the form of a dance-drama production.

It tells the story of Princess Vasanthavalli who has fallen deeply in love with Kutralanathar, the presiding deity of the temple in Kutralam. After hearing of his glory from her friends (sakhis), she dreams of him all the time and becomes inconsolable. Meanwhile, a gypsy woman (Kurathi) finds her way to the palace and through some astute observations wins over the pining Princess. She proceeds to “read” the Princess’ palm and foresees a grand wedding of the Princess and the one who has stolen her heart. The overjoyed Princess showers the kurathi with precious gifts.

Kutrala Kuravanji is choreographed by resident choreographer Ambujah Thiru under the artistic direction of Santha Bhaskar.

English surtitles available 🙂