Posted by on Jul 19, 2018


A cruel capture, young love, anguished separations, evil plots and challenging obstacles. The Thai folktale Manohra has it all. It tells the tale of the youngest Kinnari princess who is captured by a hunter and sold to a Prince from another kingdom. Love blooms between the Prince and Manohra but alas, part they must. Will there be a happy reunion?

Conceptualised and choreographed by BAA’s Artistic Director Santha Bhaskar, Manohra first premiered for the Singapore Festival of Arts in June 1996 at the World Trade Centre Auditorium, and restaged again the same year at the same venue due to popular demand. In 2009, it was given a different manifestation under the choreography of Meenakshy Bhaskar.

Now, it’s coming to you again with a brand new cast under the Artistic Direction of Santha Bhaskar, and in collaboration with Thai artistes led by Ethnomusicologist/Composer Dr Anant Narkkong. Music Direction for the past two iterations has been by Ghanavenothan Retnam, as it will be for this staging as well.

8 & 9 Sep 2018
Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore
SGD 30

Tickets for 8 Sep are SOLD OUT. Please call Nrityalaya at 63366537 to check availability of 9 Sep tickets.